I've made a resolution to A) ramp up my creative output, and B) write about it on Medium.com 

I want to work on more projects that bring me genuine joy, consume more media from independent makers, and communicate and connect more openly.

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I love to learn. Any experience that exposes me to new ideas or expands my horizons I consider worthwhile.

That's why I'm drawn to web design and development; our digital capabilities continue to grow and evolve, providing ongoing challenges to those of us trying to make the web easier, richer, and more rewarding.


A couple years back I felt as though I'd hit a plateau in my career. After some restless gigs as a contractor, I find myself experiencing a newfound sense of openness.

I'm looking to engage in something new and challenging. I'm looking to join a team of adventurers!


I've served in two branches of the military , taught as an Assistant Professor , and have met with success as a UI Designer , IX Designer , and UX Designer .

I'm confident in my ability to learn the shape of a problem; reach consensus on possible solutions; collaborate, iterate, and test ideas; then communicate the journey in an engaging and meaningful way.


I've been to London, Ireland, and Cairo. I've lived and worked in nine of these United States including New York and California. I'm happy to relocate for the right opportunity.

I would welcome the chance to work outside of the United States!

Craig Mod has me thinking about Japan