Scott Lindsten

designer : developer : artist


  • Role: Consultant, senior UX designer. Led an investigation into a responsive website redesign for Springleaf Financial Services. Conducted a site audit, created and gave rationale and buy-in presentations, designed and created seven proof-of-concept responsive page templates using the Gumby framework. HTML, CSS, Sass, Adobe CC, PowerPoint.

    Springleaf website responsive redesign
  • Role: Designer. Was asked to create some high-fidelity comps fora wide-screen monitor dashboard providing insight into global stock market activity. Clean, crisp, andeasy-to-read were the primary design considerations. Photoshop.

    Wide-screen stock market dashboard
  • Role: Art director, lead designer. Worked with a team of interdisciplinary designers to create an ETF Education mini-site for Vanguard. Included all icons and visual elements, informational graphics, functional responsive design and page layout. Adobe CC, HTML, CSS.

    Vanguard ETF Education icons
  • Role: Production designer. During my stint in e-commerce with GSI/TrueAction,I created literally hundreds of banners, A spots, landing pages, and promotional elements for such clients as Calvin Klein, RadioShack, NFL, NHL, NBA,MLB, Nascar, and more. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

    NFL Alysa Milano Touch Sweepstakes banner
  • Role: Production designer. With the major league sports clients, special events triggered featured sales initiatives, requiring fresh content on a weekly (sometimes faster!) schedule. We created design assets which showcased the event sales items within brand-appropriate treatments. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash.

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs e-commerce spots


  • Role: Senior UX designer. Wireframing has become a staple of UX design, ranging from low-fidelity to high. Also, they can provide mock-ups for UX testing to evaluate task flows and functionality. These were part of a mobile set I created to test the baggage check-in process for Travelport. Illustrator, Axure.

    Wireframe mock-ups for mobile device
  • Role: Consultant, senior UX designer. To better understand the Springleaf website structure, I conducted a site audit, creating a site map which showed the intrinsic structure of their content, the internal connections and task flows, as well as the bottlenecks, redundancies, and points-of-pain. InDesign.

    Springleaf website content audit/sitemap
  • Role: Designer. Mood boards can be great tools to help establish or capture an overarching visual style. Working under the lead designer for our client, Lincoln Financial, I created this exploration of image, color, type, and backgrounds for their retirement campaign. Photoshop.

    Lincoln Financial moodboard
  • Role: Consultant, senior UX designer. Part of the UX design process is communicating with stakeholders, explaining project goals in a way that creates engagement and buy-in. These images are taken from a PowerPoint presentation I gave explaining the evolution of responsive web design. PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator.

    PowerPoint presentation images
  • Role: Consultant, senior UX designer. UX design is driven by user needs, and another new deliverable within the UX design process is the visualization of user tasks and flows. These can often help improve our understanding of primary motivations in the context of our site content and structure. InDesign.

    Springleaf user tasks diagram

front end dev

  • Role: Designer, front-end developer. Outside my full-time employment, I’ve enjoyed designing and developing entire websites on my own for freelance clients. The Martin Architecture redesign was a exciting challenge with lots of great visual content. A perfect match for an all-Flash treatment! Flash, Photoshop, HTML, CSS.

    MartinAIA Flash website redesign
  • Role: Designer, front-end developer. An artist friend of mine created a wonderful collaborative event in which he worked with twenty diverse multi-disciplinary artists to create unique screenprinted pieces. I jumped at the chance to design a Flash website that was flexible, fun, and engaging. Flash, HTML, CSS.

    Push Pull Print Flash website design
  • Role: Consultant, front-end developer. There is a growing trend toward capturing code snippets in live web pages to act as easily accessible pattern libraries for large web projects. I created my first such style guide with the Springleaf project, creating a repository with live examples of all design elements. Gumby, HTML, CSS, Sass.

    Gumby live pattern library
  • Role: Interaction designer, front-end developer. Fairly often during my time in e-commerce, a big, juicy Flash project would come my way. This NFL campaign was just such an example. As the playoff contenders battled it out toward the Superbowl, each team’s sale items would appear in this dynamic, interactive banner. Flash.

    NFL Flash Superbowl interactive banner
  • Role: Designer, front-end developer. This was meant to be the first of a series of websites in support of proposed wind-farm construction sites in Pennsylvania. Not only did I enjoy crafting a lovely, informative website, but I appreciated being able to support the move toward alternative energy sources. Photoshop, HTML, CSS.

    Schaffer Mountain Wind Farm website design


  • Role: Graphic designer, publication layout. It was my great priviege to be asked to help design and layout the inaugural issue of The Trenton Review, a fine arts and literary publication. I created the text treatments, layouts, and cover style working in conjunction with the editors and advisors. InDesign · Photoshop · Illustrator

    The Trenton Review page layout
  • Role: Designer, pre-flight production. Part of my service toward my fellow faculty members during my time at Arcadia University involved designing print materials for various events and programs. “Hot Art” brought local high schoolers to campus in the summer to give them a taste of college life. Illustrator.

    Hot Art study abroad brochure
  • Role: Designer, pre-flight production. Another project in my long-standing and rewarding collaboration with Eric Maywar and the city of Trenton. This poster was one of a set of cross-channel marketing pieces for the annual Trenton Book Fair. Photoshop.

    Trenton Book Fair poster
  • Role: Designer, pre-flight production. Another Hot Art brocure. I’ve long been fascinated by symmetry and its use as a design motif, and this piece had me thinking about the physical gamut that art covers, from simple single-dimension dots and lines up through the integration of time: the fourth dimension. Illustrator.

    Hot Art symmetry banner
  • Role: Designer, pre-flight production. A rare and enjoyable chance to design for newsprint! In support of the One Trenton, One Book program, I designed a four-page spread for the local newspaper which showed the top 99 book choices of Trenton readers, as well as event details and resources. Illustrator.

    Trenton Reads four-page newspaper spread